TRANSformation is the key

I love this song… the show not so much, but some songs ha a deeper content that I’m starting to understand… perhaps because I’m high or manic.


From one sister to another funky sister
It’s all about transformation
It’s all about change

It’s one thing a woman knows about
Change is the only constant

We bleed and don’t die
We sweat when it’s minus fifty outside
We fight in the battles side by side

It’s a sister thing
It’s a W-O-M-A-N thing
And we’re coming together
We’re pulling ourselves together


It’s all about transformation

Rust to dust
Us to them
Change your mind
Change your skin

Life to death
Weak to strength
Cash a check
Change your sex

Push to shove
Hate to love
In and out
It’s all about


You know Mother Nature rules us all

I move and I go
In time
Fast or slow
I move
Through doors
Each time
Less or more

Wet to dry
Eye to eye
Ying to yang
Pleasure or pain
Good to bad
Crazy or sane
You make the rules
Then you play the game
(Oh you got to play the game)

Fist or glove
Lose or win
You live a life of sin
Then you run again
(Oh sinner you better run)

Trash to art
Heart to heart
Big or small
We’re all a part
(Sisters, we’re all a part)


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