¨Nature is not a place to visit… it is home¨

The poet Gary Snyder who won a Pulitzer prize is the author of this title.

Some people from the past still touch our hearts.

Some people from the present still don´t get it

Mother Nature

needs us today!



Roller Coasters

I have been in a roller coaster for years
Taking people that did not bought tickets to ride with me.
I have been building a roller coaster and with the years went out of control
I travel to keep the roller coaster going faster and higher
Im not sure where to go without my roller coaster.

I feel fragile
I feel ill
I miss them
I miss you
I miss me.

And i feel ashamed of my past words and actions
I feel that I cant ever look at them or you again
And is killing me
Because I love you.

I know it was only a fantasy
In my head
But it feels so real for moments
It felt like home.

Now I feel that I want to ended
To be horizontal with the grass and the flowers
Because Im so ashamed of me with them…and with you.
now I hate the roller coaster and want to get out.


Another Perspective: Roller Coaster

My partner who is my best friend and completely understands me wrote this poem a few weeks ago when I was in a high mood.  I have been sad because I lost a part of me during a roller coaster.  Then I read this and make me feel that I want to change for them and for me. I don’t want to be a roller coaster builder… not anymore!

I didn’t buy a ticket
I didn’t have the option
To get off or choose which one
I got tied to the emotional ride of a roller coaster builder.

Who only thought of the art
And not on the surrounding individuals
I married a roller coaster builder.

Building, building and building
Faster and faster, more loops and higher
Touch space, touch the outer atmosphere
Faster than a rocket, no time to think.

Move forward,
your to slow for the roller coaster builder!

What do you mean two feet on the ground?
I want mine on Mars tomorrow.
So, Im building a roller coaster.

Changing the tracks as I go
And taking the people on the go,
Who didn’t buy a ticket.