¨Nature is not a place to visit… it is home¨

The poet Gary Snyder who won a Pulitzer prize is the author of this title.

Some people from the past still touch our hearts.

Some people from the present still don´t get it

Mother Nature

needs us today!



Roller Coasters

I have been in a roller coaster for years
Taking people that did not bought tickets to ride with me.
I have been building a roller coaster and with the years went out of control
I travel to keep the roller coaster going faster and higher
Im not sure where to go without my roller coaster.

I feel fragile
I feel ill
I miss them
I miss you
I miss me.

And i feel ashamed of my past words and actions
I feel that I cant ever look at them or you again
And is killing me
Because I love you.

I know it was only a fantasy
In my head
But it feels so real for moments
It felt like home.

Now I feel that I want to ended
To be horizontal with the grass and the flowers
Because Im so ashamed of me with them…and with you.
now I hate the roller coaster and want to get out.


Another Perspective: Roller Coaster

My partner who is my best friend and completely understands me wrote this poem a few weeks ago when I was in a high mood.  I have been sad because I lost a part of me during a roller coaster.  Then I read this and make me feel that I want to change for them and for me. I don’t want to be a roller coaster builder… not anymore!

I didn’t buy a ticket
I didn’t have the option
To get off or choose which one
I got tied to the emotional ride of a roller coaster builder.

Who only thought of the art
And not on the surrounding individuals
I married a roller coaster builder.

Building, building and building
Faster and faster, more loops and higher
Touch space, touch the outer atmosphere
Faster than a rocket, no time to think.

Move forward,
your to slow for the roller coaster builder!

What do you mean two feet on the ground?
I want mine on Mars tomorrow.
So, Im building a roller coaster.

Changing the tracks as I go
And taking the people on the go,
Who didn’t buy a ticket.


La Bipolaridad como Don – Bipolarity as a Gift

La Bipolaridad como Don - Bipolarity as a Gift

Hoy conocí a Eduardo H. Grecco a través de su libro y gracias a la otra Gina. Me encanta! Alguien que habla mi idioma! Waoooo!! Definitivamente los bipolares somos de otro planeta. Ese subibaja, como dice el autor es también la búsqueda del yo… Una espiritualidad… Pero científica?

“… Es que quiero sacar de ti tu mejor tú. Ese que no te viste y que yo veo, nadador por tu fondo, preciosísimo. “. – Pedro Salinas.