Song of the month


Oh my god, I’m so happy I could die

Golden idols holding rivals, take my body, anybody
I’m your trophy, make my nose bleed, now you own me

No problems in paradise, we’ll lock them up
We all gotta sacrifice, it won’t be long
Shut the borders, burn the other, sons and daughters, and the mothers
Drink the Kool-Aid, it’s a new way, do what I say


Es muy triste que en pleno siglo XXI todavía se persigan y maten a valientes activistas políticos por informar lo que realmente pasa en el mundo!    Los medios nos controlan, nos manipulan  y simplemente seguimos sentaditos frente a las pantallitas!  QUE ESPERAS?

It is sad that still in the XXI century there is persecution and killing to political activists because they are brave to tell truth of what really is happening in the world today!  The media control us… the media manipulate our world and we… just keep sitting in front of the little screens.  What are you waiting for?

Necesitamos cambios profundos!  we need to change from within!