Is the Universe Friendly?

I’m thinking today about HOW WE are blind with power and symbols. Have I lived a life of “frenesi” frenzy? And it is now with covid-19 that I’m stopping to reflect, contemplate nature again and think under the tree like Budha or many others before and after him.

I’m thinking today about my grandparents, my aunts, all my elder that are not with me anymore and feel them like birds in my yard.  I also think of those that still walk this path with me and dream about a new green and sustainable and beautiful world.


Picture by @bipolarmoodsinpty

I remember my encounter with three Incas that I meet in Peru during my first trip there with an old friend.  One of the Incas was a Powerful woman and two brothers that we’re singing to the Earth for forgiveness in Machu Pichu.

Later we talked that night over a meal , and they told me a story about Mother Earth reclaiming her space because there was too much blood from the white man.  They were getting ready… all the Amerindians were getting ready for a new beginning.

I’m also one of them.



I’m starting to read again William J. Bennet a book gave it to me for an old birthday from a friend that I loved but he choose not to be my  friend anymore.  I miss him a lot!

“In self-discipline one makes a “disciple” of oneself.  One is one’s own teacher, trainer, coach and disciplinarian”.

This applies very well to the times we are living today with cover-19. There is still a lot of unhappiness in my country and in the world because human beings fail to control our anger.  We are between two impulses:  good and bad and we need harmony.

We can follow a rollercoaster or Carnaval all our lives (passions, decontrol).  I want to learn to control my temper with love and compassion.   I’m working hard on this because that is for all my life and I am just another human being.  


Picture by @bipolarmoodsinpty – Santa Fe Art Museum

And from Albert Einstein, the original post:

“I think the most important question facing humanity is, ‘Is the universe a friendly place?’ This is the first and most basic question all people must answer for themselves.

You can read the complete poem there.

and add and share your reflection with us!

For me is: Science is fundamental to understand the COVID-19, and a lot of people go to religion or philosophy only. With Coronavirus in our world, we have to reflect and understand that we need a personal and community transformation. We are the owners of our mind, and we have to stop the individualism and embrace a new world where equity is for all and not just the 1%. We need to spend time in silence, reflecting from technology, from people to understand the universe better! Again: LOVE AND COMPASSION and MINDFULNESS.


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How to win capable people

Today I’m honoring my wife’s heritage from Japan.


Pics: the author and wife in their wedding

Excerpt from the Hagakure Scripture and Ancient wisdom from Japan share to me by my father during our Asia Trip:

“Before Katsushige passed on his reign

to his son, he handed him a scroll with

twenty wisdoms from his father,

Naoshige, the founder of the clan.

One of them referred to a conversation with Naoshige,

the grandfather of Katshushige’s son and heir.”

Naoshige:  “To lead a nation you have to gather capable people around you.”

Katsushige:  “What should I do:  pray to Buddha to send me the right people?”

Naoshige:  “Remember, we pray for things that are beyond our own possibilities. Recruiting capable people is something you can achieve on your own.”

Katsushige:  “How should I go about it?”

Naoshige answered:

“Things tend to accumulate around the person,

who loves them.  Someone who loves flowers,

will soon be surrounded by flowers, even if

he had not a single seed to begin with.  And

with time he will be blessed with a specially

beautiful blossom.

It is the same with people.  If you love people

you will soon be surrounded by wonderful people.

Make it a principle of your life to love people and respect them.”

Conciencia Plena durante Covid-19

Mi Sensei de Kendo me ha dicho en mis prácticas: “dos cosas definen a un GUERRERO, la Paciencia ante una dificultad y la ACTITUD ante una adversidad.”

Hace poco mi padre me invitó a un viaje y a participar de un programa con Singapore Management University donde dictaban un curso innovador:  MBSAT Teacher Training.  La verdad me sentía ansiosa pero a la vez confiada pues no haría el viaje sola, por lo menos los encontraría y juntos empezaríamos una aventura que cambiaria mi vida por completo.   Pude terminar el curso, gracias a la ayuda de muchos amigos y amigas anónimos de Asia y Europa, que me ayudaron a entender las fundaciones del budismo secular y su practicidad en estos tiempos de locura interna y externa.

Mi padre me ha dicho:  “Necesitamos de una conciencia estratégica para comprender la gravedad y complejidad del pandemónium del coronavirus y sobretodo poder entender las consecuencias sistémicas de la epidemia para todos: trabajadores, comunidades , pequeños y medianos empresarios y nuestro núcleo social extendido: colegas, familiares, amigos, etc.”

He tenido mucho miedo estos dias del Coronavirus.  Puedo decir que estuve en pausa mas de una semana y no podría tomar decisiones de ningún tipo y culpaba a mis colegas, mi familia y hasta mi pareja.  Estaba muy preocupada de caer en una crisis de mania y esa ansiedad estaba llevándome a una crisis de mania!  Tenia que parar!!!

Quiero compartirles una gráfica del libro de Juan Humberto Young del que me siento sumamente orgullosa: MBSAT (Lo pueden comprar en Amazon pero hay que buscar bien) y aprender un poco con el BETA, un anacronismo que significa lo siguiente:

Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 3.29.01 PM

Aplicando BETA a la cituacion actual del Coronavirus:

BODY / CUERPO:  Qué experimenta tu cuerpo durante este Coronavirus?

palpitaciones de pecho, dolor de cabeza, tembladera, vision nublada?

EMOCIONES:  Qué sentimientos experimentas durante Coronavirus?

Yo recuerdo mucho a mi abuelita, mis mayores y a los que ya se han ido antes que yo… y sus enseñanzas.  Con tristeza algunas veces, con alegria otras veces y con coraje para sentir que vienen tiempos mejores.  Pero mi mayor miedo es caer en una mania de bipolaridad y terminar en el hospital en estos tiempos de Covid-19.

THOUGHTS / PENSAMIENTOS: Qué pensamientos tienes durante este encierro de Coronavirus?  El pensamiento que se mantiene en mi es NO VOY A CAER EN MANIA BIPOLAR, NO VOY A SUCUMBIR A MI MENTE… YO TENGO CONTROL!

ACTONS/ IMPULSES / ACCIONES E IMPULSOS:  Qué Acciones o impulsos tienes durante este encierro en casa?  Tengo rutinas, trabajo en limpieza exterior e interior.  Estoy pintando, tomando cursos online.  Haciendo arte, escribiendo.  Pasando tiempo con mi pareja y mis perros… hasta jugando LEGO.

Pienso en los consejos de mis abuelas… ambas muy sabias.  Mi abuela me daba recetas increíbles, para el almuerzo y para el alma.  Les comparto una de sus recetas de vida:  SOLO POR HOY comprenderás que es mejor perdonar que tener razón.  Que es mejor la paciencia que la violencia.

Song of the day

I have a friend since I was 17 years old. I didn’t like him/her at first… I thought we were different, but we were very much the same. He/She introduces me to technology, new software, natural walks, birding, floppy disks, and beautiful art and history.  We have several adventures together… from riding cars, watching movies, eating burgers and contemplating a sunset.

We both love sci-fi (STAR TREk and STAR WARS), and he introduces me to progressive music.  We watch Allan Parson Project in Panama with our partners many years ago and it was a very HAPPY DAY in my life!

We went camping and biking in national parks in Panama and we ate tortilla and puerco frito (Panamanian pork) en Azuero while waiting for the swell to be better for my longboard.

I still have some of the CDs and paintings he has given me over the years. Now we are apart because he is married with two kids, but he is one of my Yodas along with this incredible journey towards the stars.

Thank you THE ONE for all the wisdom you have given me over the years!
We have several angels along with our life that touch us for a reason, and it is great when we feel them, and we let them humbly act in our lives.

It is so important to have artists, poets, writers and well-educated people (engineers, doctors, teachers, scientists, permaculture experts) in this new arising ECOTOPIA.  We used to be depressed and sad by the injustices of the world… but Mother Nature has always control and today is reclaiming her space.