How to win capable people

Today I’m honoring my wife’s heritage from Japan.


Pics: the author and wife in their wedding

Excerpt from the Hagakure Scripture and Ancient wisdom from Japan share to me by my father during our Asia Trip:

“Before Katsushige passed on his reign

to his son, he handed him a scroll with

twenty wisdoms from his father,

Naoshige, the founder of the clan.

One of them referred to a conversation with Naoshige,

the grandfather of Katshushige’s son and heir.”

Naoshige:  “To lead a nation you have to gather capable people around you.”

Katsushige:  “What should I do:  pray to Buddha to send me the right people?”

Naoshige:  “Remember, we pray for things that are beyond our own possibilities. Recruiting capable people is something you can achieve on your own.”

Katsushige:  “How should I go about it?”

Naoshige answered:

“Things tend to accumulate around the person,

who loves them.  Someone who loves flowers,

will soon be surrounded by flowers, even if

he had not a single seed to begin with.  And

with time he will be blessed with a specially

beautiful blossom.

It is the same with people.  If you love people

you will soon be surrounded by wonderful people.

Make it a principle of your life to love people and respect them.”

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