Is the Universe Friendly?

I’m thinking today about HOW WE are blind with power and symbols. Have I lived a life of “frenesi” frenzy? And it is now with covid-19 that I’m stopping to reflect, contemplate nature again and think under the tree like Budha or many others before and after him.

I’m thinking today about my grandparents, my aunts, all my elder that are not with me anymore and feel them like birds in my yard.  I also think of those that still walk this path with me and dream about a new green and sustainable and beautiful world.


Picture by @bipolarmoodsinpty

I remember my encounter with three Incas that I meet in Peru during my first trip there with an old friend.  One of the Incas was a Powerful woman and two brothers that we’re singing to the Earth for forgiveness in Machu Pichu.

Later we talked that night over a meal , and they told me a story about Mother Earth reclaiming her space because there was too much blood from the white man.  They were getting ready… all the Amerindians were getting ready for a new beginning.

I’m also one of them.



I’m starting to read again William J. Bennet a book gave it to me for an old birthday from a friend that I loved but he choose not to be my  friend anymore.  I miss him a lot!

“In self-discipline one makes a “disciple” of oneself.  One is one’s own teacher, trainer, coach and disciplinarian”.

This applies very well to the times we are living today with cover-19. There is still a lot of unhappiness in my country and in the world because human beings fail to control our anger.  We are between two impulses:  good and bad and we need harmony.

We can follow a rollercoaster or Carnaval all our lives (passions, decontrol).  I want to learn to control my temper with love and compassion.   I’m working hard on this because that is for all my life and I am just another human being.  


Picture by @bipolarmoodsinpty – Santa Fe Art Museum

And from Albert Einstein, the original post:

“I think the most important question facing humanity is, ‘Is the universe a friendly place?’ This is the first and most basic question all people must answer for themselves.

You can read the complete poem there.

and add and share your reflection with us!

For me is: Science is fundamental to understand the COVID-19, and a lot of people go to religion or philosophy only. With Coronavirus in our world, we have to reflect and understand that we need a personal and community transformation. We are the owners of our mind, and we have to stop the individualism and embrace a new world where equity is for all and not just the 1%. We need to spend time in silence, reflecting from technology, from people to understand the universe better! Again: LOVE AND COMPASSION and MINDFULNESS.


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