I love the way you dream… Goddesses

Only Silence remains because I have to listen to him,
I have to listen to the silence. I have to experience him.

Fall over myself don’t mean to interrupt
I was miles away
Things I forgot are the footstools of God.
That’s how I behaved
I frighten myself and folded my hand as you talked to god.
I love the way you dream.

Even my most base complaint my sweet, my aims were lower
And even though all my restraint my sweet my aim was clumsy.
And even if there’s only one thing I want for you…..I want for you.

I love the way you dream
I love, love the way you dream
I love the way you love the way
Even if there’s only one thing I want for you, I want for you…
I love the way you love the way you dream, one for me one for you, one for me,
one for you…

Qué Pasa con las Abejas?

Albert Einstein uno de los grandes filósofos del siglo XX y creador de la bomba atómica era pienso, bipolar. AE se movía dentro dos mundos : uno artístico y sensible y el otro de ciencia y tecnología. Me impresiona este hombre y por eso lo cito hoy :   “Si la abeja desapareciera de las superficie del globo, al hombre sólo le quedarían cuatro años de vida: sin abejas, no hay polinización, ni hierba, ni animales, ni hombres”.

Me duele pensar que el hombre es tan avaro que sigue cortando árboles, sigue destruyendo bosques y sigue matando los hábitats de tantos seres indefensos.  Hasta cuánto queremos  tener?  cuánto es suficiente para tu bolsillo?  cuando te mueras quieres que te entierren con tu dinero?  ok.  Te hacemos un chequeson pues!


Removing the Mask



My friend Gena, one of my dear Irish women friends sent me this beautiful text today.  I feel connected with the author and relate to the piece in some areas.  Yes, we all wear masks in order to protect us… but from WHO?

Below what she share with me today:

Salvation from the False Self
Wednesday, May 14, 2014

We all identify with our idealized persona so strongly when we are young that we become masters of denial and learn to eliminate or deny anything that doesn’t support it. Neither our persona nor our shadow is evil in itself; they just allow us to do evil and not know it. Our shadow self makes us all into hypocrites on some level. Remember, hypocrite comes from the Greek for “actor,” someone playing a role rather than being “real.” We are all in one kind of a closet or another and are even encouraged by society to play our roles. Until grace is fully triumphant we are all hypocrites of sorts.

Usually everybody else can see your shadow, so it is crucial that you learn what everybody else knows about you—except you! The moment you become whole and holy is when you can accept your shadow self, or, to put it in moral language, when you can admit your sin. Basically you move from unconsciousness to consciousness by a deliberate struggle with your shadow self. There needs to be a struggle, it seems, and usually many of them.

The saint is precisely one who has no “I” to protect or project. His or her “I” is in conscious union with the “I AM” of God, and that is more than enough. Divine union overrides any need for self-hatred or self-promotion. Such people do not need to be perfectly right, and they know they cannot be anyway, so they just try to be in right relationship. In other words, they try above all else to be loving.

Love holds you tightly and safely and always. It gives you the freedom to meet the enemy and know the major enemy is “me,” as the old comic character Pogo said. But you do not hate “me” either; you just see through and beyond “me.” Shadow work literally saves you from yourself (your False Self, that is), which is the foundational meaning of salvation. For then “You too (your True Self) will be revealed in all your glory with him” (Colossians 3:3-4).

Adapted from Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life,
pp. 131-132
and Things Hidden: Scripture as Spirituality,
p. 166
Gateway to Silence:
Christ shall give you light (Ephesians 5:14).