La espera que desespera

Me toca mucho esperar en aeropuertos

Largas filas y diversidad total.

Pdx airport

Indiferencia y despersonalización

Todos tras una pantallita en el siglo XXI

Jóvenes, viejos, y hasta niños

se esconden tras el matrix de la tecnopology

y no ven más… y no dan… y no sonríen


Aunque me gusta viajar

me entristece vernos desde afuera

somos macdonalizados todos

comedores de cartón.


Vemos y juzgamos a los diferentes

Al que no se pinta con los mismos colores…

le tememos.


Me salgo del Matrix….

Solo x momentos y en manía.





From Kay Redfield Jamison


“Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity.”

“Madness carves its own reality.”

“I wish I could explain it so someone could understand it. I’m afraid it’s something I can’t put into words. There’s just this heavy, overwhelming despair – dreading everything. Dreading life. Empty inside, to the point of numbness. It’s like there’s something already dead inside. My whole being has been pulling back into that void for months.”

I strongly recommend this fantastic book from Dr. Jamison.  This book open my mind and make me feel that I’m not alone!!

Roller Coasters

I have been in a roller coaster for years
Taking people that did not bought tickets to ride with me.
I have been building a roller coaster and with the years went out of control
I travel to keep the roller coaster going faster and higher
Im not sure where to go without my roller coaster.

I feel fragile
I feel ill
I miss them
I miss you
I miss me.

And i feel ashamed of my past words and actions
I feel that I cant ever look at them or you again
And is killing me
Because I love you.

I know it was only a fantasy
In my head
But it feels so real for moments
It felt like home.

Now I feel that I want to ended
To be horizontal with the grass and the flowers
Because Im so ashamed of me with them…and with you.
now I hate the roller coaster and want to get out.